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A Network of Innovators in Higher Education

We Re-imagine Education

and we are creating new models of higher education across Indian subcontinent

untangling mind
building with the elements of earth
maximum learning happens with a community

About IMA

The Indian Multiversities Alliance (IMA) is a network of organizations and individuals re-imagining the university and creating new models of higher education across the Indian subcontinent. These educational visionaries are working on powerful approaches to pedagogy that explore self, community living, social justice, sustainable lifestyles, nature reconnection, alternative healing, regenerative careers and social entrepreneurship, among other areas. The IMA currently comprises more than 100+ member organizations spread across the Indian subcontinent. IMA is a part of the planetary Ecoversities Alliance. Ecoversities has 500+ members in over 50 countries.


"The most essential work of our times is to replenish soil, soul and society. Education institutions have a big role to play in this."

Satish Kumar, Schumacher College, UK

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