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Support IMA

The Indian Multiversities Alliance (IMA) is a collective endeavor committed to reimagining education, fostering sustainable practices, and creating positive societal transformations. Your support is integral to the success of our initiatives, and there are various ways you can contribute to our mission.

Financial Contributions

Financial support enables us to organize events, develop collaborative projects, and enhance our online platform. Your contribution, no matter the size, directly fuels our efforts to promote holistic education, sustainable living, and community building.

Spread the Word

Help us reach a wider audience by spreading awareness about the Indian Multiversities Alliance. Follow us on social media, share our content, and encourage others to join our community. Your advocacy strengthens our network and promotes the values we stand for.

Volunteer with Us

Join us as a volunteer and actively participate in the planning and execution of our events, projects, and community engagement programs. Your skills and dedication can make a significant impact on our collective journey.

Provide Resources

Whether it's access to educational materials, venues for events, or expertise in a relevant field, your contributions in resources play a vital role in enriching our programs and initiatives.

Collaborate and Share

If you represent an organization, institution, or initiative aligned with our vision, consider collaborating with us. Together, we can amplify our impact and contribute to the positive transformation of education and society.

Mentorship and Guidance

Share your expertise and experiences with our community members. Mentorship can be a powerful tool for nurturing ideas, fostering growth, and building a supportive network within the alliance.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in supporting the Indian Multiversities Alliance in any of the above ways or have unique contributions to offer, please reach out to us. Your support is instrumental in shaping a future where education is holistic, sustainable, and transformative.


Thank you for considering supporting the Indian Multiversities Alliance. Together, we can create a positive impact on education and society at large.


Contact us using the form below or through for more information on how you could contribute and support the initiatives of IMA and it's member organizations.

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