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Announcement of Shortlisted Projects/Grantees

Unveiling the selected projects and grantees that have been chosen to participate in the Germinator program, marking the beginning of an exciting journey.


Mentoring and Fund Support Phase

April - September
Grantees embark on a transformative six-month period, receiving invaluable mentoring and fund support to nurture their innovative learning ideas. This phase is dedicated to refining, testing, and evolving their projects.



June - September
Interim Update (June End)
Grantees share progress reports, offering insights into the development of their projects, showcasing the impact of Germinator support, and highlighting any adjustments made during the initial phases.

Final Update (September End)
As the program concludes, grantees provide comprehensive reports on the outcomes of their projects. These final updates offer a holistic view of the journey, illustrating the growth, challenges overcome, and the potential for future impact.

*The exact timeline for upcoming cohort are to be published. The timeline given here are to get a reference from previous edition

Applications are closed for 2024 Germinator cohort

Stay Tuned!

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